Eye’ll be seeing you

I recently went to the ophthalmologist for an eye exam. It had been… ahem… five years since I’d been there. Needless to say I had some decent changes to my prescription, but the real change was that I now have an astigmatism, where I hadn’t had one before. Apparently this is a normal part of aging, and nothing to be particularly concerned about.

So yesterday I went to pick up my new glasses, which have the new prescription and the astigmatism correction, and… it’s been very very weird wearing them. They don’t quite give me a headache, but my eyes don’t seem to know how to focus in them. When I look at things, they’re clearly in focus, so the prescription is definitely right. But my eyes are confused. I’m told it can take up to two weeks to adjust to this, and they’re considerably better this morning than they were yesterday, but it’s not like putting on my old glasses where I could just SEE. Of course, my old glasses weren’t that great anymore, and I was having focusing trouble with them too, but at least it was familiar.

We’ll see how this goes over the next week or so.


RPG Character Builder

This is the character builder I used to help me get the basic details down for Anvari – http://www.ashami.com/rpg/

It’s actually pretty snazzy, and useful for both PCs and NPCs – tables to roll on, or just things to pick from. Once I had a basic idea (which for me was just the character motivations) I was able to run with things until I had a character I really think will be fun to play.

Double fun, I’m going to use it to come up with some personality and backstory for my other tiefling (Antha Darkmore, who is a Witch (Pathfinder)). She’s in a much less RP focused group, but having a backstory and a personality is fun. I think I’m going to go with something along the lines of “creepy as fuck” for her basic character template. After all, she does have a spell that lets her vomit spiders. (And one that my group won’t let me take, where you peel off your own skin and turn it into a construct to go do dirty deeds for you. It’s called “skinsend” and it’s horrifyingly awesome.)

Antha is in a campaign that has her hunting for Baba Yaga – it’s pretty spooky, and fairly fun so far.

Antha Darkmore - Tiefling, by ThatDMan
Antha Darkmore – Tiefling by ThatDMan

As a person who usually plays conventional races in unconventional ways, it’s a little odd to be playing two unconventional characters at the same time, but they have such different flavors that I think it’ll work.