So, I am not recently very good at mornings. This is bad, because I get up at 5:15 and am in the car by 5:45 if my morning is going correctly.

This morning, I got up a few minutes early – very sleepy, but resigned to get my act together. I remembered to take my meds and my vitamins. I remembered to wear socks that match. I remembered to put on my minimal makeup. (I am trying to remember to wear at least BB cream, eyeliner, mascara, and blush – not so much out of societal pressure but because I like how it looks. My work is 100% okay with women not wearing makeup.) I have on a cute scarf and cute hair sticks that match my peach cardigan. I remembered all the parts of my lunch.

Got to work a few minutes early, got my (tiny) coffee. Things are going pretty good, right?

Then I realize I am here with zero jewelry on at all.


I guess if that’s the worst thing that happens today, I’m doing pretty good, but I’m still annoyed. I was doing so well!

So here’s a problem. I have three… okay four… okay five main “hobbies” (not crafts, but organizations and people) that I spend time on. I devote every Friday night to study group, every Saturday night and every other Sunday afternoon to D&D. I devote an occasional weekend, plus crafting time, to SCA. I take voice lessons every Tuesday. And I play video games on weeknights and most Saturday afternoons. All of these things take time. I want to be good at all of them. I want to keep doing all of them – or, in the case of the SCA, increase my involvement (I miss my SCA people).

However, there are only two non-work nights in a week. And I’m committed pretty much all weekend some weekends. And I have friends and people who are counting on me at all of these things. And I LIKE doing all of these things, and want to keep doing them, or do them more.

But… I can’t. This week I need to prepare handouts for study group, write a ritual for study group, read for study group, do my wizard chores in WoW, and finish rolling up a new pathfinder character for our Outrageous Dinosaur Campaign. I also need to continue to clean out my craft room so I can use it for SCA crafts again. My Sunday D&D character could use a few hours spent on background work, plus I need to work on her gear with our DM since we’re getting to a break point and I need to spend some cash on upgrades. My WoW characters could all stand to have some stories written about them. At least I can practice singing in the car.

And really, it’s gotten to the point where I’m just so overwhelmed that I don’t do anything, and then I feel like a flake for not doing what I said I was going to do.

So in the quest to make some serious decisions about my hobbies in 2015 (since “is it fun” is way too broad a category), I am going to try to prioritize for things with tangible results (not necessarily physical, but tangible) and skills that make me a better human. If it makes me more creative, more skilled, more compassionate, more thoughtful, more spiritual, or more knowledgeable, I’m all in. This puts study group and SCA and voice lessons higher up on the list than D&D and video games, but will hopefully leave me time for all of them, because they all tick at least one of the above boxes.

And no, I’m not quitting anything. No flailing at me. Just … making myself some priorities. We’ll see how well they stick.

So far, it’s working pretty well. When I have the energy, I’m doing more productive things, and when I don’t, I’m farming up transmog gear in WoW. Not a bad situation all around.

Goals for 2015

In: life

16 Jan 2015

This year, I will drink more tea. I will read more books. I will let the cat snuggle in my lap, even when I am wearing black pants. I will do more yoga, walk more, hug more people and more trees and more cats, and breathe deeper and slower and better. I will spend more time in the sun, and more time watching it rain.

I will remember that I am a bunny, and a bunny is all I need to be.

Thanks to a friend who does wordpress development, things may look a little different around here over the next few weeks. I’m consolidating blogs here, and hoping to give this one a facelift as well.

This means (hopefully) that you’ll see more posts, since I won’t be spreading them all over the internet. It also means you might see video game or D&D posts here more often. It also means you might have to hear about religion/spirituality stuff on occasion (though I may still keep that stuff on its own blog, I haven’t decided yet. There’s value in anonymity for that kind of stuff).

I’ve had this blog going for nearly seven years now, and it’s about time it got the love and attention it deserves, right?

You are here.

Hi! I'm Anna.
I ramble, have too many hobbies, and post anything that strikes my fancy. On any given day, I might be knitting, sewing, working on my house, presenting a recipe or discussing something deeper. Though maybe food can be pretty deep too.
Stay awhile and look around, who knows what you'll find?

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