A Smattering of Things

Just a few thoughts on a Tuesday morning…

I need to use my crockpot more. Especially on the weekends, when I can make multiple meals and then have them ready for the week. And during the week, I’ll happily get up 5 minutes early to dump stuff in the crockpot and have dinner taken care of (except for maybe cooking potatoes or a side veggie). Definitely need recipes though, if you guys have any suggestions.

I love that berries are in season. I’ve been bringing blueberries and blackberries and raspberries and strawberries for my snacks at work, and it’s just wonderful. So yummy. I hear they’re good for you too. I’m just waiting now, eating as many as I can. Soon it will be peach season! (I intend to make peach jam this year, so a trip up to one of the peach farms may be in order).

I’m writing more letters again. Downtime at work is good for letter writing because it has the appearance of productivity. Things have been REALLY slow at work lately, for some reason, so I’m doing a lot of time wasting. And letter writing feels more productive than Pocket Planes…

My mom is visiting this weekend! I’m very excited. I think we will probably go to the beach one day, but mostly it will just be a resting visit. With all the craziness I’ve had with meds lately, I kinda need some help getting things back in order. It’s nice to think she can still visit and “take care of me” (something she says she’s looking forward to). It’s hard sometimes to be away from my family; they’re a huge source of strength and support for me.

My stapler doesn’t work. it mostly just mangles the staples instead of poking them through paper. And my staple remover flings staples in a dangerous, pointy projectile kind of way. Odd combination.

I need more tea. So I’m going to go get some. Hope y’all* have a good Tuesday!

*yes, I went there.

Hairstick Damage = 1d12?

So it took me about 8 months, but I’m wishing I’d not cut my hair quite so drastically last year. (Granted I didn’t actually get much of a CHOICE about the second haircut, but that’s another story…)

One of the fun parts of my new job, for a given value of fun, is getting up at 5am. This does not make enough time for me to shower in the mornings, so I’ve been showering at night, and previously had been then rewetting my hair and diffusing it (on cool) so I could wear it curly to work.

It took about a month for me to get officially sick of doing that 3+ times a week at 5am.

So I’ve decided to grow my hair out again, at least back to mid-back or so. I miss the versatility of being able to wear it up in different ways, and I’ve really enjoyed the 30 seconds it now takes for me to do my hair in the mornings. My hair is JUST BARELY long enough to do a standard cinnamon-style bun with a hair stick, and that’s how I’ve been wearing it (or in a sort of french twist thing with a clip). The ends still like to sproing out by the end of the day, but it’s not so bad that my hair falls down.

As such, I’ve splurged a bit on some shiny pretty things like clips and hair sticks, to help keep me interested and not bored while I wait. I got two Flexi-8’s that are coming in the mail, and I’ve been on the hunt for a few hair sticks to have some more colorful and pretty options for my one usable hairdo. I picked up some pretty orange and red ones, and a pair that have blue and green beads, and I figured I just needed a nice sorta-snazzy black one to fill out the collection.

On a whim, I went poking around etsy (which is ALWAYS dangerous) and I came across this:

So now I’ll have a snazzy black hair stick that is ALSO a nerd joke. I am WAY too excited about this. I’m actually looking forward to wearing it to work, just to see if anyone notices. (I doubt they will, but I will know… and that will be enough)

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday and today have been all about cooking – cooking pies, making side dishes, setting tables. All the setup just for one meal sometimes seems kind of overdone, but then I remember the number of times I can count having this much of my family in one place at one time, and I feel less awkward about putting all this fuss into just dinner.

Still, it’s been an exercise in letting go – letting go of expectations, letting go of all the cooking, letting other people be involved.

Some things are harder than others, and I have a hard time sharing my kitchen. I think because I’m Queen of the Kitchen all the time, and am so used to juggling everything myself, it’s weird to have other people helping. Usually I get around this by assigning specific dishes to other people, so that it’s more “Mom is making mashed potatoes” than “Mom is helping me prep for the green beans”, even if Mom is in the kitchen with me for both scenarios.

It’s probably a pride thing, which means I should look a little deeper at why I want to have so much control over the kitchen, but I think I’m happy with the way things are going this year. Maybe next year I will be able to hand the whole thing over to someone instead.

Regardless, I hope you have a bountiful, blessing-ful holiday, filled with friends and family (whether family you are related to by blood or family you’ve chosen to enrich your life).