In which I may have been a jerk

Internet, I need your advice. This has been bothering me for the last three weeks.

Here’s the background.

SSH (That’s Spaceship Husband, for those unfamiliar) and I went to his brother’s wedding a few weeks ago. It was, by all accounts, a positively lovely affair. SSH was one of the groomsmen, so we were there early for pictures. While we were waiting, I asked if my mother in law would take some pictures of us, because we were all dressed up, and because both our families like getting a picture in our holiday cards. She said “Oh, sure! Actually, why don’t I ask the photographer to do it after we take the family pictures?” To which I agreed, without thinking. We were doing big family pictures then anyway, she talked to the photographer, and he took 4 or 5 pictures of the two of us after we’d been standing up with the groom.

Here’s the problem.

My new sister in law is going to have a handful of pictures of US in her WEDDING PHOTOS.

I don’t know if this will bother her. It wouldn’t have bothered me (I liked all the pictures of other people in our wedding photos), but I can’t help but feel like I may have totally without thinking about it been kind of a jerk. I mean, if we wanted professional photos taken, we can afford to get them taken ourselves.

So now I’m not sure what to do. I haven’t seen a link to the pictures yet, so I don’t know if anyone has seen them. I can’t really call the photographer and ask him to delete them. But I don’t want to be like “Hi I’m a selfish jerk” either. Do I call her? Just let it go and not say anything? Am I making a mountain out of an anthill? I’d really like to avoid being a jerk to my new sister in law.

What should I do, if anything?