Home Repair, part 2

After installing a dishwasher, we decided to install a new faucet in our prep sink as well. Which sounds like there was one before. There wasn’t. It went bad about 2 months ago, we just hadn’t replaced it yet.

Of course, I’m headed in to work today.

Let’s see if the faucet is going to be the same kind of dramatic experience that installing the dishwasher was…

2 thoughts on “Home Repair, part 2

  1. As I recall, there is a specialized wrench for lying on your back with your head in the cabinet, getting at the sink pipes above you. Made the job orders of magnitude easier than doing it with a conventional wrench.

  2. Michael » Fortunately this particular sink is in our island, and has a cabinet that opens directly up to it. It’s a little wonky to reach in a few places, but does not require laying on your back with your head in a cabinet!

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