Being Positive

So, since I’ve not been to the Gym yet, and I’m grumpy, allergic, and hungry, I decided to try being positive.

  • there is enough money to pay the bills/rent (even if I don’t like writing the checks)
  • there are stamps to mail them
  • the Kingdom chronicler emailed me with a reminder that I need to mail him last month’s issue ( very politely, AND on the same day I was planning to mail this months… and had forgotten about last month’s) – meaning that I will be all up to date for Red Tape
  • it smells like fresh cut grass outside.
  • there is a snoozing kitty, upside down on my desk.  And he has toe-hawks.
  • I have yarn to knit and fiber to spin

I do feel rather better now, actually.  (:  I think I’ll go have breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Being Positive

  1. Good for you, turning that frown upside down. Counting our blessings is something I try to do frequently… I think you’ve inspired my own daily blog post! Thanks 🙂

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