Sticky Notes

I am a self-confessed sticky notes addict.

I love them. I have them in multiple sizes and colors. (I even have some 12”x12” ones. Yes.  one foot square) I use them to remember stuff, to overwrite things in my planner, to make notes that can be moved around. I even use them to organize things in a video game. Upon upgrading my desktop to Windows7, I discovered that there is a /program/ for sticky notes. (It’s called, ironically StickyNotes) StickyNotes lets me put notes of different colors on my desktop itself.

Currently there are three notes on my desktop:

  • Stop. Breathe. Be here now.
  • Write it all down.
  • Mind like water.

That should tell you something about how my last few weeks have been.

One thought on “Sticky Notes

  1. I’m kind of obsessed with them as well, though my entire stock got moved to school this semester and I am feeling the lack of home-based sticky notes like nothing else.

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