Soundtrack for a 300 Mile Drive

  • Soundtrack to Waking Ned Divine
  • Soundtrack to Chicago (film, not original cast)
  • Count Basie – Lil’ Ol’ Groovemaker
  • Soundtrack to Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Norte de Havana – demo CD
  • Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club
  • Wayne Bergeron – You Call This A Living

That was the trip out. Trip back will probably look similar, actually. (Usually I fire up some podcasts too, but I forgot my iPod, so I’m actually listening to this stuff ON CD’s. GASP!)

What do you listen to on long trips?

3 thoughts on “Soundtrack for a 300 Mile Drive

  1. I really need to try out Buena Vista Social Club. Someone told me I’d really like them.

  2. We listen to a lot of Journey.

    There are layers to that sad-but-true fact that include you-had-to-be-there humor. XD

    We do NOT listen to the radio. I have a force field that ruins radio stations whenever I’m in the car. I have never heard two full songs in a row on any radio station ever. Commercials and talk radio interruptions always intervene. We’ve taken to burning cds from our iTunes library out of self defense.

    That being said, I am definitely looking up your list on itunes preview/purchase. Got a road trip of my own coming up on Friday!

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