I’m a thirty-something Anna, living in the Houston area of Texas.

I’m recently divorced, living in a tiny apartment with my two cats.  I love cooking, crafting of all sorts, writing, reading, and all kinds of other things. I used to play in the SCA – and I also used to play the piano, but both have mostly fallen by the wayside at this point. I play D&D (3.5, Pathfinder, 4E, 5E) a lot, and I am the senior druid of Nine Waves Grove – I’m also an ordained priest for an American Druidry tradition called ADF.

I have a heritable connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – hEDS) and PTSD/Bipolar/GAD. I am being treated for all of these things, and have an excellent team helping me manage them.

Cast of Characters:

  • Anna: The author of this blog
  • Max: Flamepoint Siamese cat
  • Charlie: Long haired tuxedo cat
  • Crash and Crew: Anna’s now paused 4E campaign, DM’d by Quin. Her character Anfalabi is a human swarm druid, fond of Plan Bees. When this campaign reboots, Anfalabi will be reborn as a 5th Edition Circle of the Moon Druid.
  • Dar na Theria: Anna’s 4E Sunday campaign, DM’d by Pix. Her character Ancelyn Blackstone is a dwarven cleric of the Goddess of Song, and a Radiant Servant. Currently epic level and approaching the end of the campaign.
  • City of Fangs: Anna’s 5E campaign, playing on the other Saturday nights, DM’d by Rades. Her character is a tiefling warlock named Anvari Zarthus. Currently level 5.
  • ??? : A new 5E campaign, with new friends and a new DM. Will be playing a cleric – either Anais Acantonat (grave domain, sehanine moonbow) or Aine Mac Coinaoith (life domain, lethander).