It is with a great amount of pain and grief that I have to tag this, but our DM – Rades (Mike Eng) – passed away in August. It is likely that this campaign will not resume, though the final story may get wrapped up by the players. I do not intend to delete this page, but the campaign itself is essentially over.

A young, untested queen attempts to guide her city into peace and prosperity, while noble houses and guilds maneuver behind the scenes. In one part of the city, the famous university of magic promises untold power and answers; in another, thieves and gangs roam the docks and slums, uncontested. Undead prowl the maze-like vaults beneath the city’s cemeteries, while the Infernal Empire of Chalax looms across the sea, silently watching and waiting.

Welcome to Korvosa, City of Secrets.

Cast of Characters

  • Anvari Zarthus – Infernal Tiefling Pact of the Tome Warlock of the Undying Light (sort of)
  • Ashe Lyon – Human Life Cleric (Ro)
  • Dawna Mystwicket – Tinker Gnome Artificer
  • Jeff (just Jeff) – Half-Elf Eldritch Knight Fighter (Duelist)
  • Leyl Tyranas – Abyssal Tiefling Trickery Paladin of the Goddess of Song and Secrets (Kahra)
  • Mykele Staelides – Halfling Ranger, who comes equipped with one (1) Newfoundland companion named Newfie