Meet the Annas – Anais Acantonat

Art by @arcanagoat on Twitter

Anais Acantonat is a level 7 Grave Cleric of Bendis of the Moonbow, a demigoddess of Kitavru, the Goddess of Time, Death, and Dreams.

Anais is a High Elf, and very very tiny – only 4’10” tall, and about 80 lbs. She has chocolate brown hair that is heavily streaked with silver, and bright green eyes. She seems fairly sturdy, for being both tiny and extremely thin.

Her gear is all black and dark-iridescent and navy, and it’s in really good condition. It also was, at one point, expensive. She has pretty navy on black lace details on her heavy skirts and her sleeves, and though she is wearing armor it all has the look of having been purchased or designed for her. Across her chest is a bandolier that holds a series of holstered handbells of various sizes, and she has at least one heavy, midnight colored cloak that easily would cover two or three of her, that she uses to blend into the shadows. Her hands are clean, with short fingernails, but look as though she is familiar with work, despite the fineness of her gear.

She carries an dark metal shield on her back, and a damascus-steel mace at her side, but she doesn’t seem the type who would be much use in combat.

Anais will occasionally blank out of conversations, only to chime back in with something totally out of left field – though usually it’s relevant, so maybe she WAS listening? She also is known to make prophesies, though their accuracy is still to be determined.

Divination is a big part of her character, which she does using either direct contact with the Moon, or through a moon-quartz pendulum. She keeps a journal which is full of notes and doodles (and prophesies), and she regularly writes letters to her aging father, to whom she is deeply devoted.

From a character standpoint I’m trying to shoot the gap between Luna Lovegood, Jester Lavorre, and Caduceus Clay – definitely Pastel Goth. She’s adorable, sweet as pie, and an absolute space cadet. Anais Acantonat means “Little Anna In-Between” in Middle-French, and hopefully she’ll live up to her name.

Dusting Things Off for D&D

Thanks to a bunch of inspiration from my friends who play D&D, I’m going to be doing more posting here about the D&D stuff I’m doing. I’m in three campaigns right now, and all of them are VERY interesting, and very different.

We just started up the Pan Flute campaign again, and I have a new campaign called Gathering Storm that I’m playing with some new friends I met through my WoW Classic guild, so I should have plenty to talk about, especially since Korvosa is still going strong.

There are two new Annas to introduce – Anais and Aine – and I’ll be working on getting them their character pages here. As well, Anais is a journal writer and a letter writer, so I’m hoping to post her in character stuff here as well. It may be photos – since I kind of want it to feel hand-written (and doodled).

So keep an eye on this space, as well as – where Fuzz is going to be doing IC journal entries for the campaign as well. If there are other blogs that come about, or things to share, I’ll make sure there are links to them!