If you’re at all interested in getting a reasonably priced, flexible nib fountain pen, the new Noodler’s Ahab pens are going on sale at noon today over at Goulet Pens.

I’ve got two of the original flex pens, which I like, but which are very skinny. The Ahab pens come in amazing colors and are a little fatter, but also with an alloy flex nib that allows for great line variation. If yo’ure interested, I highly recommend watching one of Brian’s videos about the flex pens – this one deals specifically with the Ahab. While he doesn’t go into the artistic possibilities of this pen, he definitely pts the pen through its paces.

I highly recommend the Noodler’s pens to anyone that wants to figure out if they’re even going to like flexible nib pens at all. While a vintage, 14K gold pen can set you back several hundred dollars, these pens are $14 (original) and $20 (Ahab). They’re well made and easy to use, and while they might not be the most amazingly flexible buttery flex nibs, they’re still really fun to write and make art with. I love them for making mandalas!

Flex Pen Alert!
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