Max and Charlie both cooperated for the administration of the good drugs this morning (which is amazing – normally I can’t medicate Charlie and he’d just have to grin and bear it). Max also got an anti-inflammatory (by which point Charlie had already fled to the depths of the closet, so he did not get one). 

I have witnessed both cats eating today, both wet and dry food. They really seem to like the new special Kidney Support diet food, which is good, because it turns out the dry food I’d been feeding previously was actually pretty high in some of the minerals that can make Chronic Kidney Disease worse. I’ll be pitching the old food, and ordering a bigger bag of the new. Ideally Charlie will continue to eat the wet food primarily, since he also gets urinary crystals and needs the extra fluids. 

Max has been in my lap, asking for pets and chin scritches, even though he’s very loopy. We have resumed purring, but not jumping up on things (too dizzy), so I’ve moved the water fountain down to the floor so they can drink.

I need to go to OfficeThing and scan in the RX for Max’s new food and the RX for the sub-q fluid bags, which I will need to figure out how to order and then how to administer (it’s not hard, they showed me at the vet, I just need something to hang the IV bag fluid from).

My leg is VERY asleep, but I don’t want to dump Max on the floor, so I am grinning and bearing it.