If, by chance, you are perusing a blog that is dedicated to Instant Pot recipes, it is really really pretentiously shitty of you to say something like “I don’t ever intend to buy an Instant Pot. Please convert this recipe for a Slow Cooker.”

DOES GOOGLE NOT WORK FOR YOU?! Do you not know how many slow cooker blogs are out there? I PERSONALLY know of at least four recipes for red beans and rice that you can get for a slow cooker. Google probably can get you seventeen more. This blogger is dedicated to perfecting recipes in an Instant Pot. WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON THIS BLOG.


A gripe about recipe commenters
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One thought on “A gripe about recipe commenters

  • February 28, 2020 at 10:35 am

    That always gets to me too. That and the “I did this exact opposite thing than the recipe said to do when I made this, and it didn’t work out at all, so this recipe is a failure”
    It’s like saying:
    “I added extra salt. This was too salty. Hated it.”

    I mean…really people?

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