Photographic Evidence of Work Completed:

The Garage is cleaned out, and now has two cars parked inside.

The dining room is finished, including the trim, and has furniture now – which includes having unpacked all of my china and put it in the hutch. I need a new shelf for the upper part, but it all fits OK as is.

The back bedroom has been retextured and repainted, and furniture moved in.  This furniture was mine growing up as a kid, and I’m the third generation to use it.  This is now our “guest room”.  The built-ins still need to be repainted.

Front entryway is furnished and finished.  Not much more to be done here, other than maybe adding some pictures!

I am waiting on new glasses (finally, after four years without a trip to the optometrist) and have hopefully figured out the cause of my headaches.

Of course, one of the headache inducing issues is the bathroom – which is likely to remain a construction zone until I can find a reputable plumber to come out and look at our attic plumbing and we can find the money to REPLACE said attic plumbing.  There’s no reason to go through the trouble of fixing up the bathroom and replacing all the drywall if we’re only going to watch it get torn out again when the plumber starts construction.

It’s a huge hassle, and is making focus difficult on other things.  We’re not sure how much it will cost, or how we’re going to pay for it (waiting on that tax rebate check).  Just one more thing that the home inspector didn’t find – and one more delay to getting gutters on the back of the house and fixing the drainage problems in the yard that are causing our shower to leak when it rains.

A mixed bag, for sure.  But a frustrating one, nonetheless.

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