So my lovely parents came to visit me this weekend, largely to help me buy a car, because the last time I bought a car it was a really weaselly high pressure sale situation and I didn’t want to do that alone. Turns out the folks where I bought my car don’t play that game, and I had Janice squared away in a few hours on Friday night. (Signing all the paperwork took longer than anything else.)

So on Saturday we all got up around 7, had breakfast burritos, and then swung by HomeThing, picked up some boxes, and started packing and purging. Dad took care of all of my good china, the tea sets, and my serving dishes – destined for storage at their house for the time being. Mom and I purged the refrigerator, made lunch, went through all my decorations and purged them down to one large and one small bin. We went through the Steamer Trunk as well (though most of the stuff in there is staying in there), and added some things to it for long term storage.

We also took two trips to Goodwill with donations (including a set of dishes), a trip to AutoThing for a sun shade for Janice, a trip to Armand Bayou to walk around and enjoy the weather (which was brisk but pleasant) and the fully-in-bloom Oasis Garden, and a trip to Specs, followed by Birthday Dinner, showers for everyone, and into bed.

This morning, Dad built the cat-stairs for the bedroom, Mom and I finished up some stuff in the kitchen, and I got them on the road around 10:30.

After which I flat crashed for about five hours.

Right now I’m in the process of purging and organizing the pantry (which is narrow, deep, and kind of a black hole).

I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, just so I can get some downtime, lol.

Tackling Projects Family Style
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