Because I think it froze over. (go read this to get the joke)

I live on Galveston Bay.  It is warm here, all year round.  It doesn’t do things like “winter” but for very short stints of “moderately cold” for a few days at a time, occasionally, and usually in January/February.

But on Wednesday night?  It SNOWED.

Real snow too.  Not crappy ice-pellet Texas snow.  Big soft fluffy flakes.  We got about 2 inches, maybe a smidge more.  It lasted on the roofs of the empty apartments until noon on Thursday, but with highs in the 50’s then (and almost 70 today) it’s snowy no longer.  Apparently this is common after this area gets the shit kicked out of it by a Hurricane.  This whole fall has been like the weather is apologizing for Ike, and now it’s like “Sorry about that hurricane thing, here, have some snow for the Holidays”.

Still, I got to listen to it snow – which is something everyone should do at least once, given the chance.  Snowfall has its own sound, very quiet, and it also pulls the “live” quality out of other sounds, making them almost haunting.  Train whistles and owls are particularly susceptible to this.  It’s amazingly cool.

Hell must be endothermic
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One thought on “Hell must be endothermic

  • December 12, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Snow is awesome

    Want some? We’re supposed to have a ton this weekend.

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