Alright – so I’ve neglected you, little blog that isn’t about video games and doesn’t require me to have massive professionalism to keep going.

I apologize.

Today a lot of people are talking about things like Hope and Change, drinking their victory (or drowning their sorrows).  Rather than talk about that – since it’s a long discussion and I have too much else on my plate right now, I’d like to mention a little bit of hope that I saw today, on a very very local level.

Many of you know that Hurricane Ike did serious damage to my town.  Our Dairy Queen was, at one point, completely submerged.  When the hurricane rolled out, leaving the water still to recede, there were three fishing boats floating in the drive thru, and people kayaking to Target.  My apartment didn’t get power back until over 3 weeks after the storm.

It’s now been just shy of two months.  There are still people living in tents.  Blu-Roofs abound.  Busted boats are still everywhere.  But today I saw a sign that I think shows the tenacity of a lot of the people here that have run their little businesses and fishing boats and will continue to do so.

On a local family-run restaurant, they have a new sign.  It’s said “Open Sometime” for a week or two.  Today it says “Opening Soon: 90% finished with renovations”.

And that makes me smile.

Long time coming