On my way into work in the mornings, I drive up a very busy, very congested highway. Highway 45 is the major North-South thoroughfare that goes through Houston. As such, it has lots of intersections with other highways and roads, some of which can be pretty disastrous for traffic. Periodically, there are large displays, letting you know how bad the traffic is – 10 minutes to the next intersection, 23 minutes to downtown, that sort of thing.

I drive in the 6 minute time warp. There are three of those traffic warning signs that I pass every morning.

The first sign I see says 6 minutes to 610.

The second sign I see also says 6 minutes to 610 (due to increasing traffic).

Then, I’ll drive by a sign that says 6 minutes to 59.

Of course, it doesn’t always line up quite so perfectly, but most mornings, I’m in for the increasing parade of 6 minutes. I suppose that’s just proof that commuting really IS of the devil.

Six Minute Time Warp