I’ve played the piano since I was 5, though I haven’t played in the last almost 15 years. For complicated reasons. But this winter I decided to try to play again, and it turns out that the piano I learned on is no longer able to be maintained as a playable instrument. It’s 100 years old, and that’s just longer than a factory made piano is really meant to be in service.

So I made an appointment, set a date to have it hauled away and disposed of, and they’re on their way.

This morning I sat down as best I could, and (quietly) played the bits I could still play of Gerswin’s 3 Preludes for Piano (and cried a little). It wasn’t much, it’s been a long time, but it’s the one piece I used to be able to play that I most miss playing. Listen to it this morning for me? (I mean, if you hate Gershwin, don’t listen of course.)

Farewell, my old friend. Your service has been faithful for almost 100 years. May you always be remembered.

Saying Goodbye to a Piano
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