I’m not sure what it is about “holiday” weekends, but there’s something about getting back to the daily life that I always enjoy. 

Today’s “to do” list isn’t too bad, but I’m enjoying the familiarity of my routines again.

What did I do for my holiday weekend though?  I cleaned!  I love to sew, and I have a fantastic old sewing machine (that I both love and hate), but in this apartment I don’t have a lot of room to set up anything, so I’ve converted a small walk-in closet into a sewing room. 

Unfortunately, this means that said sewing “room” must be hyper organized, or it gets extremely out of hand, and there’s no room to do any sewing.  I keep all my yarn in there too, in plastic bins. 

So yesterday I pulled it *all* out, set up the standard three stacks (pitch, donate, keep), and started The Great Sorting.  I found some stuff I forgot that I had, a fair amount of nice fabric that will get made into various things, the remnants of a few projects that shouldn’t take long to finish, and a lot of crap I should’ve thrown away a long time ago.

But I suppose that’s how closet cleaning goes.  I’m always amazed at what I can’t bear to part with… and that if, in a few months or a year, I take another look at things, often I don’t have the attachment anymore.  I suppose that’s why I go back and re-sort things after awhile.

Maybe this week I’ll tackle something else in the apartment – it’s felt more and more like we just have too much stuff.

Returning to Normalcy