1. Fresh Produce is *expensive*
  2. Growing your own herbs is fun, but sometimes frustrating. I have gorgeous basil and mint and oregano … but I can’t keep the dill alive.
  3. I’m very happy to enjoy local restaurants. I’m even happier to enjoy those restaurants when I discover that they buy their fresh produce from local farmers.
  4. If you put bacon in the pinto beans, you can’t call your dinner vegetarian.
  5. Even if you think you have the knitting put away, the cat can still get to it and eat some of the yarn. (here we go again)
  6. I need to vacuum.
  7. Good moods are contagious. After long enough, so are bad moods.
  8. Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public day. I knit on some kitchen things at the barber shop and while waiting for lunch. The only people to notice were a 4 year old in the barber shop, and Mr Greek Guy Who Owns The Restaurant (who wanted to know if/why I was making a sweater).
  9. Fresh blueberries make awesome muffins, but I think I like frozen blueberries better in cereal. Frozen slushy berry crunchies are good!
  10. Happy Father’s Day!
Sunday Snippets