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Ok, ok, ok already – I get it, 25 things meme attacks the internet and spreads like wildfire, destroying all in its path. Fine. I hate these things, because they’re like that icebreaker game “2 Truths and a Lie”. I never know what to say, and I always think of something more interesting to add later.

Either way, here goes.

1. I am incredibly “domestic” – I love cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, the whole bit. I’m pretty good at all of them too, though I don’t do any of them (except cooking) as often as I’d like.

2. I’ve been actively involved in music since I was about 6 years old. It makes me a very sad panda that I don’t have access to a piano right now, and I’m looking forward to having “my piano” back when we move into our new house.

3. I love old books, especially the way they smell. I’d much rather have an old copy than a new copy, so long as it doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke (YUCK).

4. I was born in the suburbs in New Jersey, but I find myself very much at home in Texas (even if I don’t get to be a “real” Texan). Somewhere in me is a country girl, so long as i get to keep my internet.

5. I’ve been fascinated with history since I was very small, and it was my favorite subject all through school. It doesn’t even really matter what time period, I love learning the stories “behind the dates and wars” from our collective past. I majored in music history and minored in European history in college, and I would love to be able to take more classes like that.

6. I love gardening and growing things – flowers, veggies, herbs, whatever. Right now on my porch, I have a small collection of plants, and I can’t wait to have a real garden.

7. You know those punchy-bag things that dangle in the back of your throat (you see them a lot in cartoons when people scream)? That’s a uvula, and I have two of them.

8. I’ve loved Tolkien’s writing since I was very small, and my father and I read The Hobbit out loud to each other. In high school, I spent a long time working on the elven calligraphy that he uses. Even now, going back to read any of his work is like seeing an old friend again.

9. I am naturally very flexible – which is both a blessing and a curse. I love yoga, but I hate all the joint injuries I’ve had over the years. Also, it wasn’t so much fun being the test-dummy for all of the joint manipulation classes back when I was doing martial arts. On the other hand, I learned how to fall really well…

10. This is the first time in my life that I’ve not been involved in some form of music/rhythm and dance – ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, marching band (in High School) and then ballroom dance (all through college). I miss it, a lot more than I let on.

11. I’ve always wanted to learn Middle Eastern dance/bellydance, but there’s no way you’ll ever get me to do it where people are watching, which is why I haven’t looked into it seriously.

12. I love writing, but I absolutely can not write believable plot to save my life. Fortunately, the writing teachers I’ve had over the years encouraged my writing in ways that didn’t depend on plot, and I love being able to say that I’m a writer for my job (even if it’s not writing stories, but writing articles and for blogs).

13. I have very serious body image issues, and I know that they’re irrational, but I can’t seem to shake them. This drives my husband crazy.

14. I enjoy reading historical nonfiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, but I have trouble really getting into science fiction.

15. I can define moments in my life by the music that was going on at the time. This includes video game music, movie soundtracks, and canned musak in buildings.

16. I’ve been involved in a living history type group (SCA) for the last 6 years, and I love the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned through that organization. I know I have a better grasp on certain aspects of history thanks to the experiences I’ve had there.

17. I hate my cell phone. It’s hard to use and annoying, but I can’t replace it for another 14 months without paying retail for the new one.

18. I rarely have trouble falling asleep, especially if I do my little before-bed routine. It takes 15-20 minutes, and by the end I’m in sleep mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything for helping me STAY asleep.

19. I have two kitties – Max and Charlie. They are usually more entertaining than anything that’s on television.

20. I don’t have a “favorite” musical genre. I have “today’s favorite” musical genre, and that changes from day to day. Frequently, though, you’ll find jazz (particularly jazz piano and big band jazz), solo piano works, early music, video game music, folk music, movie soundtracks, rock music, uhh… ok so maybe I should just stick with “I don’t have a favorite musical genre”.

21. My favorite thing about my job is that I’m teaching people something – even if it’s a silly something. That, and I get to work from home.

22. I have excellent pitch (at one point, I had perfect relative pitch, though I’m a little out of practice), but I don’t have a strong singing voice. I want to take singing lessons to help fix this – especially after singing in various choirs for the last several years.

23. My husband and I have played video games together since we were just really good friends going to college in two different states. We played together over the internet – and we’re still playing together, even if we now sit within arms-reach of each other. Right now our game of choice is World of Warcraft, where he is a tank and I am a healer, but we’re both looking forward to Diablo III.

24. I have a strong innate sense of body movement/kinesthetics. This is probably why I’ve always loved dance/martial arts and am now doing yoga, but I hate “going to the gym”.

25. I am very particular about where and when I’ll discuss politics or religion, being that both of these are very private things for me (and I’ve been burned enough times to know better than to mention any of it publically). If you really want to know more about that part of me, send me message, or IM me, or email me.

25 Lemming Things
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