I found a bazillion live mosquito larvae in the cats’ water dish this morning.

Now, granted, the mosquitoes in Houston are particularly bad right now. We’ve had 400% of our expected rainfall in the last month – some places having the rainiest month on record. It’s wet, and it’s constant, and there’s standing water EVERYWHERE.

Mosquitoes will breed in even half an inch of standing water. Nature walks locally are getting canceled because no amount of DEET and long sleeved shirts will save you right now. (And Houston is in West Nile and Chikungunya territory, and we’ve had cases of Zika here too, so it’s probably wise.)

But I live in a third floor apartment, and have never seen a mosquito on my porch. (I use mosquito dunks in my flower pots though, just to be safe.) But apparently one got in, bit me (or a cat) and laid a giant clutch of eggs in the cat’s water dish – probably immediately after I changed the water because it was looking scuzzy, because the water looked perfectly fine this morning except for the 200 or so mosquito larvae swimming around in it.

So they got washed down the drain with a bleach chaser, I’ve thoroughly bleached the water fountain in the living room just to be sure, and I’m trying to get over my utter bodily horror of what would have happened had I not noticed them there.

The calls are coming from inside the house

Can you even bug bomb an apartment for mosquitoes?


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