Random Hug Distribution

Today, a few people that I think ought to get awards/hugs, because they have created or done something that makes my life more wonderful on a daily basis.

  • The person(s) who invented scoopable, flushable kitty litter.  No longer do I have bags of poo in my trash.  Just flush ’em away!
  • The person(s) who invented stacking, locking-lid plastic storage containers. When we moved, we had to pitch a lot of nasty, melted storage things.  I bought a new set.  My “tupperware graveyard” is gone, and in its place are neatly stacked containers with their matching lids.
  • The person(s) at Google that thought up Google Documents, making blog posting, story sharing, and writing collaboration easier than ever.
  • (The) God(s) for inventing raspberries.  Nom nom nom.

… I had other things but I can’t think of them now, so I’ll probably just edit this to add them back in later.  Gah!

Movin’ Right Along

  1. The kitchen is de-wallpapered, plastered, primed, and painted.  All 83 cabinets/drawers have new hardware (It only took my buying out THREE Home Stores to get enough.) The refrigerator is plugged in and working.  The dishwasher has a new “stainless” front plate.  All the shelves in the kitchen have shelf paper.  What’s left?  Adjusting some of the drawer rollers, and cleaning it from top to bottom.
  2. The bar area is painted the same color as the kitchen, now making the kitchen look even MORE HUGE.
  3. The bedroom is primed and painted, including the ceiling, and is waiting only for the installation of pretty, on-sale bamboo roman shades.
  4. The bathroom is painted, has new faucets, new toilet hardware, new towel racks, new shower heads, and a repainted vanity with new cabinet pulls.  What’s left?  Cleaning it from top to bottom.
  5. The office is de-wallpapered, de-bordered, plastered, primed, and painted (with a contrasting, self-mixed color for the window seat).  What’s left?  Paint the window accent, hang roman shades and re-purposed apartment curtains.
  6. The guest bathroom has a new, sexy, curved shower curtain (because some idiot installed a soffet over the shower so you don’t get any light in there without one), new toilet seat/hardware, new towel racks, and two new faucets.  It’s still teal, and the cabinets/vanity need painting.  Patience grasshopper.

The apartment is something of a disaster, tomorrow will be moreso – packing must really take off in earnest, plus the removal of all items we don’t want to put in boxes for the movers, who are coming on Tuesday morning.  Cats are freaked out, I’m rather freaked out (I’m pretty sure we’re going to run out of time, even with four of us working), but things are chugging along.

I’ll have more pictures soon, but for now I need to pass out for 8 hours so I can do another 16 hour day of moving/renovations tomorrow!