Updatey Things

House stuff:

As expected – the mold test results came back positive.  Very positive in some cases – but all in very localized locations.  Our… special seller’s original response was “well can we just get a contractor in to replace the insulation and sheetrock?” – to which we very firmly said no – for two reasons.  First, we have to live there, and my hubby is allergic to some kinds of mold (and I have a cat with respiratory allergies) – not worth it! THe other reason? If we don’t have a legally followed mold remediation protocol, with a post-remediation inspection, then we have documented proof of an active mold infection and no proof of removal.

Meaning we wouldn’t be able to re-sell that house.

So that’s all getting done this week (was supposed to happen this weekend, but it rained), as well as the roof replacement and all the other minor repairs, like slow drains and some fireplace maintenance.

Our tentative closing date is next Friday, hopefully early in the day (because if the money doesn’t vest on Friday, we won’t get the housekeys until Monday, and that would suck), but that may not end up working out if we can’t get all the repairs done and all that jazz.

Health Stuff:

As its warmed up, I’ve had a lot less trouble with joint pain, though it’s still a daily issue. Yoga has been something of my magic pill, so I’ve been doing that just about every day – it helps a lot, both with the stretching and because it helps me not feel cold all the time. I’m still having trouble sleeping, which doesn’t help anything, so I’m trying to find a way to help with that. Right now I’m drinking chamomile/mint tea before bed, and going to bed early enough that I can take at least half an hour to sit and crochet/knit/craft in bed with my tea.

Should be going back to the doctor sometime in March to have all of the bloodwork repeated for all the other stuff – we’ll see what happens.

Craft Stuff:

I’ve had a serious problem with start-itis lately – fortunately I recognize it when I see it, and have learned that the best way to manage start-itis is to stick to the projects I have, but to start something small that I can finish in a few hours (usually knitted/crocheted kitchen cloths, since they go fast).  I’ve got a sweater that I’ve been working on, but … I’m not enjoying it.  I’m not sure why, but working on it feels like I’m forcing myself to do it, and I’ve knitted all of 4 inches of the neckband (top down raglan).

I’m inclined to frog it and try something else with the yarn – I love the finished sweater, but I’m not sure I’m up for a big project right now with all the other stuff going on.

All the other stuff being all the projects I’m going to be picking up with the new house – painting, curtains, and pillows mostly.  I’m pretty excited!

Not out of the woods yet

But Max is doing better. He did eat today (though not much) and, as unglamorous as it sounds, I’m watching the cat boxes closely.

Somewhere, inside my cat, is a hair elastic. It really needs to be in the litter box, and not inside my cat.

In better news, I finished the first Baby Surprise Jacket, and I’m much happier with it now that it’s all finished and put together than I was when it was still on the needles. While I’m not gaga over the color combo (I’m already liking the second one, which is purple and gray rather than pink and gray), it looks nice, is super cute, and the seaming came out well. 5 buttons away from being totally completed.

I also frogged the first half of the Fawkes sock. I have some Koigu that I *love* in a colorway that is drool-worthy, and I really like the way Fawkes looks when it’s done… but I just couldn’t stand to knit it. Memorizing a 12 row lace repeat… just didn’t really work for me. I like working on things that don’t require so much thought as to be only do-able when sitting quietly.

Or at least, I only like to work on one project at a time that requires that concentration, and the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie is that project for me right now.

‘Course, it’s sitting in my knitting bag untouched, and I’ve cast on another sock. This time in Knitpicks Essentials Meadow Multi, using the pattern Primavera. While it looks complicated, this is a 6 row repeat, and the first 5 rows are the same. MUCH simpler. So far, so good.

New Books!

Three books arrived in the mail today! Yay! Especially for a day that started out with cat barf at 5am.

Things I Learned from Knitting (whether I wanted to or not) – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (also known as The Yarn Harlot). I’ve finished reading this one (a quick read) and am just as thrilled with this as I have been with the other Harlot books in the past. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite from among her books; she never fails to make me laugh at myself and my knitting, even if I”m not the most proficient or prolific knitter out there.

Spinning in the Old Way – Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts – I’ve not really looked through this book yet, but a preliminary glance says it’ll be a fantastic spindling resource, especially as I start really working on some of these top rovings that I don’t want to goob up with my lousy spinning.

Start Spinning – Maggie Casey – A book about spinning in general – both hand and wheel – that I’m a little ways into and really enjoying. It’s also full of gorgeous pictures. Not that I’d go straight for those or anything…

Anyway – since I’ve gotten most of what I need to get done today finished (except tackling Mt. Washmore), I think I’m going to go curl up and read some. And maybe finish that baby surprise jacket – I’m on the button band, so it shouldn’t take too much longer.