But Max is doing better. He did eat today (though not much) and, as unglamorous as it sounds, I’m watching the cat boxes closely.

Somewhere, inside my cat, is a hair elastic. It really needs to be in the litter box, and not inside my cat.

In better news, I finished the first Baby Surprise Jacket, and I’m much happier with it now that it’s all finished and put together than I was when it was still on the needles. While I’m not gaga over the color combo (I’m already liking the second one, which is purple and gray rather than pink and gray), it looks nice, is super cute, and the seaming came out well. 5 buttons away from being totally completed.

I also frogged the first half of the Fawkes sock. I have some Koigu that I *love* in a colorway that is drool-worthy, and I really like the way Fawkes looks when it’s done… but I just couldn’t stand to knit it. Memorizing a 12 row lace repeat… just didn’t really work for me. I like working on things that don’t require so much thought as to be only do-able when sitting quietly.

Or at least, I only like to work on one project at a time that requires that concentration, and the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie is that project for me right now.

‘Course, it’s sitting in my knitting bag untouched, and I’ve cast on another sock. This time in Knitpicks Essentials Meadow Multi, using the pattern Primavera. While it looks complicated, this is a 6 row repeat, and the first 5 rows are the same. MUCH simpler. So far, so good.

Not out of the woods yet
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