You wake up to your cat barfing up his breakfast.

This wouldn’t be so bad, but Max (the siamese) *never* has problems like that. Unfortunately last night, he ate a hair rubber band.

Yes – *ate*. As in ingested. Somewhere inside my cat is a wad of stringy elastic. We know this because we found the other half of the elastic. Also, we caught him in my bathroom drawers, which he has figured out how to open.

Plus, he looked like he had pinkeye. So off to the vet we went.

Max is a good cat. He likes people, he likes attention, and he likes our vet. Generally this means he purrs through the entire appointment.

They put some drops in his eye, and shone a blacklight at him – which was really pretty cool, and also kind of freaky. If you’ve ever seen a cat with day-glo yellow eyes, it’s memorable. Apparently this tests to see if he has an eye infection, or if he’s actually scratched his cornea. He wasn’t so thrilled about the whole process. No purring when they did that.

And then he got to go have an x-ray taken. Which came back… well, inconclusive. His guts don’t look good, but they don’t look so bad he needs surgery. Yet. But she was definitely not pleased with his insides either. (apparently he didn’t purr for the x-ray tech).

So Max gets ointment in his eye 2-3 times a day for a week, and has to take kitty hairball/laxative stuff several times a day as well. And we’re to keep a very close eye on him, in case he has any further issues with this hairband thing. He’s also fat. But I knew that already.

You know it’s Monday when…