Last night was, unfortunately, a rather difficult evening. Because, when it comes to the kitchen… well… I’m a great cook, and an accident waiting to happen. The last “mishap” involved an avocado and a chef’s knife, and ended with me attempting to put said chef’s knife straight through my hand. (I didn’t succeed, fortunately) I’ll leave the boiling sugar incident to your imaginations.

This one was… well, more brainless.

I was making a tasty baked omelette, with bread and cheese and eggs and mushrooms and bacon and onion and garlic and some asparagus. Yum! I baked it in my regular, heavy aluminum skillet. And when I removed it from the oven, I set it on the stove burner.

At which point my brain was thinking about getting food quickly and getting back to what I was doing, and previous habit said “skillet on stove, handle has never been hot before” and so I picked it up by the handle. Straight out of a 425 degree oven. With my bare hand. I’d show you the blisters, but my digital camera cord is out of commission.

Things I have learned:

  • It is possible to play video games with one hand alternating between a bag of frozen stuff (I believe I went through peas, corn, strawberries, and peaches) and the keyboard.
  • It is not possible to knit, spin, or wash dishes. (I’m horribly put out about that last one, can you tell?)
  • Putting off the dishes until the next morning means a pan full of cement that previously was the remnants of bread and a baked omelette.

Now to figure out what I can do with three pounds of fresh strawberries… and only one working hand.

Feel the burn
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