So I’ve long wondered if the suspicion that folks have about “bread” making people sick (including me!) has as much to do with HOW we make bread and WHAT we make bread out of as it does with the supposedly evil gluten. There’s long been some anecdata that says that fully fermented wheat doughs are easier on the stomach than regular commercial bread.

As with all things n=1, so your mileage may vary, but so far this is what I have discovered:

I can eat naturally leavened, fully fermented sourdough without any issues. I cannot eat pasta, regular bread, or crackers. I can handle a small amount of soy sauce (which is fermented), but not tempura (which has flour in the batter).

This has been revelatory for me, as it means I have SOME bread back in my life, but I’ve been buying sourdough, and I miss the very primal act of MAKING bread myself. So I am experimenting now with a very-long-rise, fully fermented dough, but which doesn’t require a sourdough starter.

This is the recipe I’m using – it’s got great reviews, and I have made similar breads in the past, so I think it should turn out okay. Only thing is to figure out if my tum will be okay with it!

It’s a 20 hour ferment, so I’ll be starting it soon (it’s currently almost 2pm here), and then finishing it tomorrow morning. My apartment is on the warm side, so I doubt I’ll have any problems getting yeasty beasties going.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done!

On Gluten, IBS, Celiac, and Fermentation
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