Two pieces of character art on display today, both by Lorelli of Exit Reality Studios. Lore has been making art for me for as long as I’ve known her, and I can’t tell you how many times she’s utterly blown me out of the water with what she’s come up with. So here’s two pieces that I’ve commissioned from her recently.

Nami and Kona – Ya’nami Sandshadow and Zufli An’kona

These two are (obviously) a couple – Nami is a Farraki Rogue, Kona a Darkspear Druid and Witch Doctor. They are a bit of a study in contrasts, him all sand and wind and dunes – tan and brown and grey – and her jungle and water and greenery – teal and emerald and neon.

This gesture – him kissing his fingertips and touching her forehead – is something that actually was invented very early in their relationship. Nami wanted to be affectionate, but a) he has tusks and b) she has this super impressive mohawk. He didn’t want to ask her, and didn’t want to be awkward, so he did this instead. She immediately copied it, and then asked him about it a few days later. Now it’s kind of code between them, something specific to them.

Tea and Falls – Tearyssa Ravenblade and Anfallas Nightsong

These two are the hot mess Illidari that I couldn’t be happier about. They’re best friends, occasionally roommates, and maybe a little bit more (but don’t tell them that yet). Falls is the nickname that Tea gave Anfallas. Anfallas, in return, calls Tea anything and everything related to Tea that she can think of – teaspoon, tealeaf, teapot, teacup. Falls is the instigator (if you couldn’t tell from the art), and Tea somehow always goes along with it, and they have a blast together. They’re gal pals, and I love them so much.

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