New Art – Meet Anfallas Nightsong

I’ve been a long time collector of art of various characters of mine. From the first pieces that my friend Lore made me way back in 2009 or so, I’ve been hooked. As such I often commission new art of various things, and that’ll likely be a pretty regular feature here (I hope) – I try to have a bit set aside every month to save up for art!

This piece is by artist Karrah_E, who I saw by happenstance on twitter advertising commission slots. I hopped on it, and they were amazing to work with. Also very fast! I purchased this on Saturday the 24th, and had it in my hot little hands on Monday the 27th.

There’s so much I like about this – from the iridescent skin to the vaguely dangerous to the “tell me you’re a queer disaster without saying you’re a queer disaster” vibes. Super fun, and makes me want to do more with her.

AnfallasEarrings by KarrahE

Anfallas is statuesque, with enough curves to suggest she eats well and enough muscle to suggest she can handle herself in combat. Her skin is iridescent, with a sheen like blown glass, and she is covered from elbows to knees in a plethora of winding, twisting arcane tattoos that flicker gently from time to time.

The blindfold around her head is plain and faded, and pale illumination seeps through where her eyes used to be. One side of her head is shaved, thick black hair draping over the other side nearly to her collarbones, and it’s well kept. Her clothing and light armor are meticulous, and her hands are clean, smooth, and well manicured. She smells very faintly of sweat, leather, and a resinous, deep perfume.

When she speaks, her voice is coarse and damaged-sounding.

From a personality standpoint, Anfallas is probably best described as “23 year old disaster lesbian”.  She’s a tool of war, honed to slaughter the Burning Legion, and her entire existence is around controlling the demon that she consumed and that is now literally part of her body. Except that she’s majorly suffering from amnesia, so she doesn’t have any of the twisted memories to go with it, and so she can be pretty chipper, though definitely serious when she needs to be. She manages her demon nature through physical activity (running), eating (a lot, especially pastries), and trying to find physical pleasure (of all kinds, but… yes). She will say things like “I’ve got two talents – the best way to take a demon apart at the seams, and encyclopedic knowledge of all of the best taverns in Azeroth.”

New Art – Meet Anfallas Nightsong
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