I am a self-confessed sticky notes addict.

I love them. I have them in multiple sizes and colors. (I even have some 12”x12” ones. Yes.  one foot square) I use them to remember stuff, to overwrite things in my planner, to make notes that can be moved around. I even use them to organize things in a video game. Upon upgrading my desktop to Windows7, I discovered that there is a /program/ for sticky notes. (It’s called, ironically StickyNotes) StickyNotes lets me put notes of different colors on my desktop itself.

Currently there are three notes on my desktop:

  • Stop. Breathe. Be here now.
  • Write it all down.
  • Mind like water.

That should tell you something about how my last few weeks have been.

Sticky Notes
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One thought on “Sticky Notes

  • January 26, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    I’m kind of obsessed with them as well, though my entire stock got moved to school this semester and I am feeling the lack of home-based sticky notes like nothing else.

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