Skills and Stress

As evidenced by a high blood pressure reading at my most recent doctors appointment(s), I’m stressed. This is nothing a) new or b) abnormal, especially with a job in a corporate office. I’m working on my stress-relieving/coping skills, and finding that they’re pretty limited.

I take showers. (This is not very good for the environment, and I feel a little guilty about taking wanton showers that I don’t need, but it DOES help me de-stress)

I go for walks. (When it’s not dark. And when my joints cooperate. Also, I need new shoes.)

I try to meditate. (I’ve been learning various kinds of mindfulness meditation for the last year and a half, though I’m admittedly not very good at it. Still, focused breathing, even if I can’t get to focused, non attached thinking, helps)

But I kinda need some more tools in the box. When I’m really anxious, eating a snack helps, but that doesn’t really help with stress – and depending on the availability of gluten free snacks, can be a stressor instead of a de-stressor.

I’m open to trying some new things to help me manage this. So what do you do to manage stress?

Sticky Notes

I am a self-confessed sticky notes addict.

I love them. I have them in multiple sizes and colors. (I even have some 12”x12” ones. Yes.  one foot square) I use them to remember stuff, to overwrite things in my planner, to make notes that can be moved around. I even use them to organize things in a video game. Upon upgrading my desktop to Windows7, I discovered that there is a /program/ for sticky notes. (It’s called, ironically StickyNotes) StickyNotes lets me put notes of different colors on my desktop itself.

Currently there are three notes on my desktop:

  • Stop. Breathe. Be here now.
  • Write it all down.
  • Mind like water.

That should tell you something about how my last few weeks have been.