TemerityJane: and this chick had a dog on a leash in the quad
TemerityJane: only then?
TemerityJane: the dog HOPPED
TemerityJane: and you know what
TemerityJane: it was a giant bunny
TemerityJane: A GIANT BUNNY
TemerityJane: and oh, I know how these things go
TemerityJane: if I see a giant bunny
TemerityJane: let me tell you, no one else was going to see that bunny and I’d be the crazy girl
TemerityJane: so I ran over to work and I told the girl at the desk, I will cover the desk for you for 5 minutes
TemerityJane: GO OUTSIDE
TemerityJane: THANKS
TemerityJane: anyway, apparently giant bunnies (and I do have a point!) get used for knitty stuff, too
toomanyannas: yup!
toomanyannas: they’re very soft too.
toomanyannas: probably less ornery than llamas.

On second thought, having had a bunny, I’m not sure they’re any less ornery than llamas. 

Only TJ…