Especially when it means taking antibiotics.  Ugh.

I’ve been on Cipro for 6 days now – one to go (hopefully, I have to go back to see the MD before I officially get the clear to go off the poison).  The original infection seems to be cleared up, and I’m no longer taking pain meds.

However, I have no energy, can’t eat anything without feeling nauseated, and have constant headaches.  This is made more fun by the fact that I can’t take anything for the headaches because the little package of directions that came with the antibiotics says not to or I’ll mess up my kidneys.  Or my liver.  Or something.  (Ever read one of those little packets?  Scary stuff)

One more day though.  Hopefully.  And hey, at least I’ll be better. 

In better news, my Yarn Harlot book should be here tomorrow, if all goes well with the UPS man.  I didn’t get to see her last book tour when it came to Houston – Houston is *big* and it would’ve been a 90 minute drive *before* traffic, done through downtown at 7pm… just wasn’t really feasible.  I’m hoping she makes it to Texas again, but until then, I bought my own copy of her newest book, as well as some books on hand spinning.

I figure if I can’t buy a spinning wheel, I might as well get some inspiration for my drop spinning!  (And perhaps some motivation to launch into the small tub of rovings I’ve collected over the last two years but been too afraid to ruin so I’ve not spun them yet)

I’ve also really got to get myself back into this Baby Surprise Jacket, or I’ll never get done with four of them by October.  It knits up quickly, but my choice of yarns (a 100% wool but superwash treated so as to be new-mom-friendly) means solid colors with stripes, and I’m finding myself less enthused about the stripes than I am about the varieties made with hand-dyed multi-color yarns.  I love the colors I’ve picked – soft charcoal grey with various "babyish" colors (yellow, mint, lavender, sky blue), but I’m just not getting the same kind of visual thrill that something more colorful would give.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.