I applied for a couple of new editing jobs today, and one extra freelancing job.  I really like the work I do for the Advisor, but it can be a pretty involved process.  In some ways, the Advisor job feels like getting paid to write guide posts for Too Many Annas like I do each week. On one hand, it is awesome, but it can get me a little burned out on gaming, since I blog about gaming, job about gaming, and then have to find time to still PLAY the game in order to keep up with what I need to know.

Unfortunately, I’ve now received two no-reply “we have no positions for you at this time that suit our needs” emails, which is kind of deflating.  Especially since I know I can do it, and that I’m quite a good editor.  It’s what I did in college, though most of that was unpaid volunteer work for food/barter from less-editorially-minded friends.

It’s probably silly of me to be trying to find more work with the house in the condition that it’s in, but I just feel like I could be more dedicated to this writing thing. Hopefully now that I will (ideally) get a few pennies every month from ads on the other blog, I’ll be able to feel less “guilty” about it – especially with the recent costs of hosting.

Writin’ for the man
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